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In most of our lives the time comes, when we tie it to the chosen one's of our hearts, and we all want our wedding to be perfect. Therefore we can either do wedding planning ourselves, or we can hire a professional wedding planner.

The wedding planners job - planning and efficient realization of the wedding - is a complex task. Hiring a professional wedding planner provides the following advantages in the planning of the wedding:

- takes care of tasks - phone calls, discussions, meetings - coming with planning and realizing the wedding
- makes finding the wedding venue, and service providers, looking around, and experimenting more efficient by his/her experience and suggestions
- knows what services you have to pay for, and approximately how much at certain wedding venues and service providers, so the newly married couple don't get unplasant surprises after the wedding
- supervises the event on the day of the wedding.

In all cases sign a contract, or commission on the planning of the wedding, detailing the job undertaken, the charges, and exactly what services are included. Some wedding planners receive a commission from the owner of the wedding venue, others require a commission or fixed fee for their services from the customer, who is having the wedding planned. Click on the Event planners tab, start a search for wedding planners, and ask them yourself!

Planning a wedding comes with a lot of work, requires great powers of endurance, still many prefer doing it themselves. The following guide to wedding planning about the specialities of weddings, and the steps a wedding planner has to take is for them.

The process of wedding planning:

First steps of wedding planning:

It is recommended to prepare the plan and scenario of the wedding as an event, and begin arranging the finances approximately one year before the planned date of the wedding. Main programs usualy include the ecclesiastic and/or civil wedding service, and the wedding party, the latter of which is colored by bride-robbery, bride-dance, and other traditional Hungarian wedding games.

The key to wedding planning - finding the right wedding venue:

Similar to other types of events, in the case of weddings, it is also the venue that makes the deepest impression on attendees. In addition, the majority of the costs related to the wedding is given by the rent of the venue, and the price of food and drinks comsumed. Therefore it's worth paying special attention to the following when choosing between prospective wedding venues:

- the best ones are taken approximately a year before the date of the wedding
- it's good to have it near the venue of the ecclesiastic and/or civil wedding service (can be the same place as well)
- it should match the style of the wedding-party
- accomodation should be provided to guests coming from afar
- let there be a play-room - maybe for the time of the wedding a babysitter as well - for the children's safety, and the parents' convenience
- there should be a suitable guarded parking lot

First, with the help of the ones involved, you should lay out the criteria towards the wedding venue, and then start searching by them! At our venue search form we provide you the opportunity to filter results by event type (in this case wedding), venue type, and numerous other attributes. Decide how many people you would like to invite to your wedding, what dishes and beverages you would like to eat and drink, and call for the written offers of different wedding venues!

Finding the vendors ensuring the success of wedding planning:

At our search engines available by the navigation tabs above you can filter vendors also by event type (wedding) as well.

The following generally applies to all kinds of vendors:

- contact them before the wedding - the sooner the better -, to secure ourselves time to pick and choose, and for fear other wedding planners should precede us
- meet them parsonally when planning the wedding, have a look at their equipment, services, and inquire about their references
- if decided, sign a contract, or commission detailing the services - preparations, tasks during the wedding, follow-up work - including suitable guarantees!

Vendors ensuring the wedding's success, in (recommendend) order of the wedding planning process:

- Wedding band: After wedding venue, it's probably the second most important factor defining the milieu of the wedding. Besides that it matches the wedding party in style, it should suit the wedding party and the size of the wedding venue in numbers as well.
- Bridesman, master of ceremony: Choose a humorous, plausible bridesman, who can really cheer up the wedding party! If you ask a relative, it can spoil not only his, but the whole wedding party's amusement as well.
- Photographer, cameraman: Walk through the venues of the wedding with him/her in advance! The following should be included the contract: the venues of the wedding, times and durations, the quality and quantities of the materials delivered (edited/raw videos, negatives), costs, copyrights.
- Car (limousine, old timer), or coach, chariot rental: It's recommended to book means of transportation, and make agreements on the address list (first address is the flower-shop), route plan, and schedule more than half a year before the day of the wedding.
- Florist: Make agreements on what and from what he/she prepares (not every flower suits the car/chariot, and the wedding bouquet)!
- Confectionary: The wedding cake should be ordered 3 months before the wedding day.
- Hair dresser, maker-up: Also recommended to arrange 3 months before the wedding, preferably call them to your place.
- Dancing-master: The newly married couple's opening dance is one of the wedding's chief attractions, devote a few months to dancing lessons!
- Wedding dress rental, wedding dress shop, wedding tailor: The wedding dress, and accessories can be rent, bought, or had made. The widest assortment is available of rentable wedding dresses, but their condition is not always perfect. You can buy either a new wedding dress, or a second-hand one, and resell it after the wedding. Having it made often takes a lot of time and energy, but that's the way you can obtain a wedding dress perfectly suiting your needs.
- Event equipment, event properties rental, decoration: Not in all cases necessary, sometimes the operator of the wedding venue, or the wedding band provides the equipment and decoration needed.

Documentation of wedding planning:

In the case of a wedding, beyond the general program, cost plans, and detailed scenario, you have to take care of preparing wedding cards, which are recommended to be sent out at least 2 months before the wedding.

The fruit of wedding planning:

On the wedding day for supervision, and for walking through the venues of the wedding for one last time, the help of a professional wedding planner, or a suitable family member is needed. This poses serious challenge, with a lot of work, and responsibility, and professional experience and efficiency can not be substituted barely by diligence and persistence. It's worth playing safe, don't jeopardize the cheer of the wedding!

Final steps of wedding planning:

After the wedding, challenges don't end with clening-up, reconstruction, and sending out pictures preserving the good memories of the wedding. By the end of the wedding-party, wedding-night begins...

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