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Events, Event types, choosing the planner of the event

Eventplanning, choosing the event venue, finding the service providers needed for the planning of the event, realization of the event...

...if you're working on the planning an event, or planning the realization of an event, you know, they're not easy tasks.

Eventplanning can be understood as a venture, and the event itself as a project. Every event comes to life as a result of efforts taken by its planners to reach a goal determined by the people who have the event planned (often the eventplanners themselves). The event's goal determines its characteristics, the type of the event.

Event types

Private events

- Wedding
- Birthday - Nameday event
- Children party
- Bachelor party - Bachelorette party
- Bridal
- Other private event types

Entertainment events

- Parties
- Thematic party
- Ball
- Team-building event
- Dramatic performance, concert
- Banquett

Conference type business events

- Business conference
- Congress
- Meeting
- Press conference
- Training

Open consumer events

- Gala
- Family event
- Festival
- Concert
- Sports event
- Road-show

Promotional business events

- Product display
- Exhibition, fair
- Promotion event

Whichever type of event it is, in order to its successful relization its planners have to take on:
- the hard work of eventplanning and
- the provision of the conditions needed for the realization of the event,

and people having the event planned:
- the financing of the costs
- the risk the uncertinty of the successful eventplnning poses.

To help you meet the requirements, we are at your service by the following:

If you would like to take on the tasks of eventplanning:
- you can go to our eventplanning page for guidance, or
- to our help page, for instructions on how to use the portal, or
- sign up, start sorting out the suitable service providers by clicking on the navigation tabs above, and begin planning your event!

If you would like to have a professional eventplanner guarantee the success of your event:
- you can go to our eventplanner page for guidance, or
- to our help page, for instructions on how to use the portal, or
- sign up, start sorting out the suitable eventplanners by clicking on the Event planners tab above, and call for their offers on planning your event!